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ColorWave Tubelight

ColorWave is a game-changer in lighting technology, offering an immersive and dynamic experience through its Smart LED Tubelight. Revolutionizing conventional lighting, this innovative product seamlessly combines vibrant RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED technology with unparalleled control, boasting over 50 lighting modes for versatile and captivating ambiance.

RGB LED Technology

Harnessing the power of RGB LEDs, ColorWave delivers a spectrum of vibrant colors, allowing users to create personalized atmospheres to suit any mood or occasion.

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Smartphone Control

With the dedicated smartphone app, users gain full control of the tubelight from anywhere in the world. This feature enables remote customization and access to the extensive array of lighting modes.

Versatile Lighting Modes

Featuring over 50 pre-programmed lighting modes, including color cycling, pulsating patterns, and customizable scenes, ColorWave offers endless possibilities to illuminate spaces creatively.

Personalized Ambiance

Transform any space instantly with a wide spectrum of colors and dynamic lighting effects, catering to diverse preferences and atmospheres.

Convenient Control

Through the smartphone app, users can easily adjust colors, brightness, and lighting modes, creating tailored environments effortlessly.

Enhanced Connectivity

The ability to control the tubelight remotely from anywhere globally ensures unparalleled convenience and adaptability to varying needs.

Redefining Illumination with Smart LED Tubelight


  • Home Décor: Elevate interior spaces by setting the mood for relaxation, entertainment, or productivity with customizable lighting options.

  • Events and Celebrations: Add an extra dimension to parties, gatherings, or celebrations by creating vibrant and mesmerizing lighting effects.

  • Commercial Spaces: Enhance retail displays, restaurants, or creative studios with dynamic lighting that captivates attention and sets the desired ambiance.

ColorWave isn't just a tubelight; it's a gateway to a world of immersive illumination. With its RGB LED technology, extensive lighting modes, and remote smartphone control, it empowers users to personalize their environments in ways never experienced before. Bring vibrancy, creativity, and dynamic lighting to any space with ColorWave, redefining the art of lighting.