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LiveAcademia is not just a management system; it's a transformative tool that enhances the educational ecosystem. By integrating smart devices, offering multi-branch management, and providing a user-friendly mobile app, it revolutionizes the way educational institutions operate, ensuring efficiency, safety, and enhanced communication among all stakeholders. Experience the future of education management with LiveAcademia.

Most Advanced Multi-Campus School Management System in India

LiveAcademia stands as a groundbreaking Smart School Management System, ushering in a new era of educational administration by seamlessly integrating advanced smart devices into its platform. With a suite of cutting-edge technologies including Smart GPS, RFID, Biometrics, and IP Cameras, LiveAcademia offers a comprehensive solution for managing multiple branches of schools with unparalleled efficiency and control.

Access Control for Student, Teacher, Cashier, Data Entry Operator and Admin Login

Available Features

Administration Management
Student Management
Employee Management
Fees Management
Transport Management
Attendance Management
Homework Management
Exams Management
Event Management
Reports for Admin
Mobile Notifications
Custom Features

Smart Device Integration

LiveAcademia harnesses the power of smart devices like GPS, RFID, Biometrics, and IP Cameras, creating a cohesive ecosystem that optimizes various school operations.

Multi-Campus Management

This innovative system allows for centralized management of multiple school branches, streamlining administrative tasks and ensuring consistency across all locations.

Mobile Application

The dedicated mobile app empowers stakeholders—students, parents, and faculty—with convenient access to crucial information such as attendance records, fee details, exam schedules, and real-time notifications.

Efficient Operations

LiveAcademia optimizes administrative tasks, simplifying processes such as attendance management, security monitoring, and branch coordination.

Enhanced Safety

The integration of smart GPS and surveillance technologies ensures the safety and security of students during transit and within the school premises.

Transparency and Communication

The mobile app fosters transparent communication by providing stakeholders with instant access to essential information and notifications, fostering better engagement and involvement.

School Administration

Enables streamlined management of various school functions, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Parent Engagement

Empowers parents with real-time updates and access to their child's academic progress, fostering greater involvement in their education.

Smart GPS

Enables precise tracking of school buses and ensures student safety during transit.

IP Cameras

Enhance security measures within the school premises, ensuring a safe learning environment.

Smart RFID and Biometrics

Streamline attendance management, providing accurate and efficient tracking of students and staff presence.

Smart Interactive Touch Panels

Integrated with onboard apps and software makes learning and teaching simple, engaging, and collaborative. The multi-touch features let more than one student use the panel.

Digital School Broadcasting System

Two Way PA System (Speak and listen), One to One Communication (Talk Back ), All Call Mode, Group Call Mode, Call Initiating facility from Speaker to Master, play music and automate school bell system.

Smart Locks and Access Control

IoT-based access control systems for secure entry to school buildings and classrooms. Smart locks on doors and gates with remote monitoring.

Temperature and Climate Monitoring

IoT sensors for monitoring and controlling the temperature in classrooms. Environmental sensors for assessing air quality and overall climate.

SenseBoard Energy Management Systems

Smart Switchboard IoT devices for monitoring and optimizing energy consumption in school buildings. Control, schedule and automate bulbs, fans, and other appliances.

Smart Scrolling Display

IoT-enabled digital signage for displaying announcements, events, and important information. Interactive digital displays for wayfinding and educational content. Flexible sizes as per requirements.