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SENTINEL : Next-Gen Smart Police System

An Advanced Smart Police Management and Investigation System with a website and mobile app. Designed and developed under supervision of Shri Swarn Prabhat (IPS, SP Gopalganj, CompSci - IITK, Ex-Employee of Microsoft) and Kalash Kumar (SI, Gopalganj, now Welfare Officer, Govt. of Bihar).

Sentinel: Transforming Law Enforcement with Smart Police Management and Investigation System

Sentinel stands at the forefront of innovation in law enforcement, offering an advanced Smart Police Management and Investigation System designed to enhance the efficiency, coordination, and effectiveness of police operations. Combining a robust website and a feature-rich mobile application, Sentinel revolutionizes the way police departments manage cases, communicate, and conduct investigations.

Key Features

  1. Comprehensive Management System: Sentinel provides a comprehensive platform for police departments to manage cases, personnel, evidence, and communication seamlessly.
  2. Advanced Investigation Tools: Equipped with sophisticated tools for evidence management, case tracking, suspect profiling, and real-time collaboration, Sentinel empowers investigators with cutting-edge resources.
  3. Web and Mobile Integration: The system includes a user-friendly website for desktop access and a powerful mobile app for on-the-go operations, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for officers in the field.

Core Functionalities

  1. Case Management: Allows police personnel to create, update, and track case files, ensuring organized and efficient handling of investigations.

  2. Evidence Management: Provides a secure repository for storing and managing evidence, facilitating the chain of custody and maintaining data integrity.

  3. Communication and Collaboration: Enables real-time communication among officers, facilitating collaboration and swift decision-making during operations.


  1. Streamlined Operations: Sentinel optimizes police operations by centralizing case management and enabling quick access to critical information.
  2. Enhanced Investigations: Advanced tools aid in evidence analysis, suspect identification, and collaboration, leading to more effective and faster case resolutions.
  3. Accessibility and Mobility: The integration of a mobile app allows officers to access crucial information and updates from anywhere, improving response times and agility.


  1. Law Enforcement Management: Enhances the overall efficiency of police departments by streamlining administrative tasks and facilitating better coordination among personnel.

  2. Investigative Support: Equips investigators with powerful tools to expedite investigations, improve accuracy, and increase the chances of successful case resolutions.

  3. Community Engagement: Improves transparency and trust by enabling better communication between law enforcement agencies and the community they serve.

Sentinel isn't just a software system; it's a force multiplier for law enforcement agencies.

By integrating advanced tools, facilitating efficient case management, and promoting seamless communication, it empowers police departments to be more effective, responsive, and technologically adept in ensuring public safety and justice. Experience the future of policing with Sentinel.

Sentinel Beat

Sentinel Beat is designed to revolutionize law enforcement operations integrated with cutting-edge GPS hardware with a web dashboard and mobile app, providing real-time tracking, route planning, incident reporting, and analytics tools.