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Smart Temperature Sensor with 0.001 Measurement Resolution

Precision and Customization Redefined in Smart Temperature Monitoring

MicroThermal is a revolutionary smart temperature sensor that sets the benchmark for accuracy and customization in temperature monitoring. With an exceptional measurement resolution of 0.001, this innovative sensor redefines precision in temperature data collection. Offering the ability to customize data collection intervals and secure storage on a server, MicroThermal ensures seamless access to temperature data through its dedicated mobile app or website interface.

Key Features

  • Exceptional Measurement Resolution: MicroThermal boasts an unparalleled measurement resolution of 0.001, providing precise and granular temperature data, enabling detailed insights and analysis.
  • Customizable Data Collection: Users have the flexibility to set intervals for data collection, tailoring the sensor's operation to suit specific monitoring requirements, whether for industrial, commercial, or residential purposes.

  • Centralized Data Storage: All collected temperature data is securely stored on a dedicated server, ensuring reliability, accessibility, and long-term archival for comprehensive analysis and historical tracking.

Core Functionalities

  • High-Precision Monitoring: Offers accurate and real-time temperature readings with a remarkable resolution of 0.001, enabling detection of even the slightest temperature fluctuations.

  • Customizable Data Collection Intervals: Allows users to set intervals for data collection, ensuring efficient use of resources and data relevance for specific applications.

  • Accessible Data Repository: Enables easy access to temperature data through a dedicated mobile app or website, facilitating convenient monitoring and analysis from anywhere.


  • Unmatched Precision: MicroThermal's exceptional measurement resolution enables precise monitoring, crucial for applications demanding extreme accuracy, such as scientific research, laboratories, or industrial processes.
  • Tailored Monitoring: Customizable data collection intervals allow for personalized temperature monitoring, optimizing resources and meeting the specific needs of diverse environments.
  • Convenient Accessibility: The mobile app and website interface offer effortless access to temperature data, empowering users to monitor and analyze temperature trends remotely.


  • Scientific Research and Laboratories: Ideal for applications requiring precise temperature monitoring, ensuring accuracy in experimental setups and laboratory environments.

  • Industrial and Commercial Settings: Enables efficient temperature monitoring in manufacturing facilities, server rooms, warehouses, and other critical environments.

  • Residential Use: Offers homeowners a tool for monitoring temperature variations in spaces like wine cellars, greenhouses, or specific household zones requiring precise temperature control.

MicroThermal represents the pinnacle of precision and customization in temperature monitoring technology.

With its unparalleled measurement resolution, customizable data collection, and accessible data storage, it empowers users across various sectors to monitor temperature with unmatched accuracy and convenience. Experience the future of temperature monitoring with MicroThermal.