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GrihTech is an advanced home automation solution integrated with sensors that protects you from pollution by keeping you informed about air quality, temperature and humidity and saves your energy bills.

GrihTech, our Home Automation solution is an innovative product of our company Yantriksh Cybernetics Industries Private Limited developed on our patented IoT platform. Our smart home solution is an unique and innovative solution because we are redefining Smart Home by providing complete out-of-the-box solution.

Our solution provides a smart switchboard which replaces old switch board with simple wiring at affordable cost. In our solution, Temperature, Humidity and AQI sensors are also integrated with it which makes it unique as no other product has these features. Sensors gives conscience to our product GrihTech is redefining the Home Automation because of the use of sensors as the user can monitor different environmental conditions of their home.

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GrihTech is the most innovative and the cost effective home automation solution in the market. A customer can make their one switchboard completely smart at the 50% of the price of other home automation systems available in the market. In terms of innovation, we replace old switchboard in same price while others home automation solutions do not have this option. And, when other home automation solutions are installing their devices inside switchboard which do not have sensors or screens integrated with it, GrihTech is revolutionising by providing next generation home automation solution which gives new look and feel with advance features. A customer need to buy one module that consist of switches, sockets, optional ac dimmer or fan regulator, screen and relay while they have to buy and install multiple modules in single switchboard for different features which are limited to relay and ac dimmer.

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For upto 6 switches integrated with Display Screen, Air Quality, Temperature, and Humidity Sensor.